petek, 13. oktober 2006

21:00 - Projekcija
Alternative media and new public settings

Projections of video activist productions:

[b]Frontline[eb], Slovenia:

[i]Quatarza[ei], 9. november 2001, 2'
Ati-war street party, Ljubljana.

[i]deNATOnalizacija[ei], november 2002, 10'
3-days event against Slovenia's accession to NATO.

[b]Gmajna[eb], Slovenia:

[i]United Leaves for United List (of Social Democrats)[ei], october 2003, 4'
Direct action at the seat of governing so-called leftwing party, appealing to party members to take stand on questions facing the United List, particulary its Minister of Internal affairs.

[i]Demolition of the Wlall of Exclusion - Week of solidarity between Erased[ei], february 2004, 3'
Construcion of the wall in front of leading righwing party. The wall sybolizes the party's politics of aparhaid that leaves the excluded on one side and those who are prisoners of the etnic nation on the other.

From [b]Nai Taleem Films Festival[eb], India:
[i]A Life of Science: Yashpal[ei], 10'

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