Tuesday, 3. July 2018

21:00 - R.A.F.A.L.
GAZM (Can) + THE CELL (Can)

New Montreal's hardcore  - rad punk music for punks!

GAZM je eden od bendov, ki ga uvrščamo v novi val montrealskega punka. Gre za bende, ki so strnili različne glasbene žanre in jih preoblikovali v našpičen hardcore, ki ruši vse pred seboj. Dober zvok, hiter ritem, nabrijana muzika, ki ne zapade v večno vračanje k istim glasbenim vzorcem. Dozdaj so izdali dva 7', prvi 'Dirty beach' je reizdaja demo kasete iz 2015, drugi 'Menace to tha earth', pa je izšel lani. Komad 'Psykosociety', ki so ga premierno predstavili na Cvlt nation, je izšel na kompilaciji Infection 1 – Worldwide Hardcore Attack.

"GAZM balance the manic and the measured; tight enough to be in control, but savage nonetheless." Noisey Vice

".This band has gotten people in Montreal moving their bodies at shows I haven’t seen dancing at in ages and has now been making fans and friends everywhere new they play." Gazm interview

"Damn, this FUCKING band RULES on so many levels and I can listen to their 7 inch MENACE TO THA EARTH on repeat all day, every day. ..On the real, support GAZM because they create rad punk music for punks…" Cvltnation

Drugi predstavnik nove montrealske punk scene so štiričlanski CELL. Ponovno lahko pričakujemo prejebeni hardcore, z nasičenim zvokom kombinacije reverba in delaya. Lani so izdali istoimenski demo, letos pa izdali kaseto 'Rules of the game', ki jo predstavljajo na poletni evropski turneji. Kdor je užival na Lebenen toten, bo ponovno prišel na svoj račun!

"Led by bruising riffs and the tough vocals of Sash Pozzie, Cell are a newish Montreal band who bleed the edges of hardcore and metal to create their own wall of suffocating sound.  The four-piece specialise in a moshy and brooding punk that no doubt makes for an intense live experience....CELL drenched the crowd in a grimy soup of reverb and delay. These were certainly not the sounds one would expect at a hardcore or crossover gig, but the band’s fascinating blend of mid-paced, 90s-era hardcore and reverb-soaked crust, noise rock, post-punk was enjoyable and refreshing." Noisey vice



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