torek, 7. september 2004

22:00 - DRMK
Koncert Sikhara (ZDA) + Koonda Holaa and the Beetchees (ZDA)

In winter of 2004, Radon presents yet another
freakish offering from the Euro-American underground.
Since 1999, Radon has been one of the foremost labels
and agencies in transcending international boundries
in the underground music scene.

KoondA Holaa and the Betchees
The highly influencial, transplanted Czech-American
performer has made numerous collabroations with
artists as diverse as The Residents, Uz Jsme Doma,
Lydia Lunch, Death in June and members of Plastic
People of the Universe.
Currently, Koonda gives shamanistic solo
performances based on trance-induced vocals and

The tribal percusion project of Scott Nydegger has
performed more than 200 concerts in the US, Europe and
Japan. As a producer, label owner and mucsian
Nydegger has worked with numerous projects including
members of the Stooges, Can and Psychic TV. Often
this project has resorted to exotic locales including
a Budhist Temple in Osaka, a Polsih coalmine, the
Taxim district of Istanbul and a tunnel underneath the
city of Linz, Austria.


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