sobota, 26. marec 2005

22:00 - Twotonebinas
BOILER(streetpunk, Madžarska) + ISZONYAT (punk, Madžarska)

al so Derkovbois, ki so bili prav tako napovedani za ta koncert, tik pred zdajci ostali brez bobnarja, klub temu pa se Gromki obeta nabrit punk/street punk koncert pod taktirko BA1ilerjev in Iszonyat-a.

ISZONYAT is pure punk rock, sometimes raw sometimes with melody. Their messages contain straight society criticism and struggle. Outspoken songs about antiracism and antimilitarism. Great D.I.Y. collective from Hungary.

BA–ILER from the periphery of Budapest. Streetrock band, music mixed with the old oi!rock bands and the sound of MotA¶rhead. Pure lyrics about everyday life, everyday struggle in life, work, challenges, trials... Complex music, sometimes with fuckin fast speed.

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We don't care who you are, or what ethnic, religious or other identity status you represent, we are all red on the inside. However, if you come to Gromka and show no respect to the people (fellow visi...
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