torek, 30. maj 2006

22:00 - Predstava
Martine ? la plage collective (Fr) - PONOVITEV

The Martine ? la plage collective gathers La Cie Misanthrope, (body
theatre, juggling), the Foutaise band, (illustrated realistic french
song), Bertrand Depoortčre, (photographer), and HA©lčne Motteau
(documentary director).
Cie Misanthrope
Dancer, actor, juggler
Front Of The Couch (15 min)
Short play with juggling and gestures
« Front Of The Couch » is a one-man body and juggling show wich deal
with the subject of loneliness and « socially-correct » in a funny
way. Showing ironically the daily life of a supposedly weird man, this
character become the inverted image of ours, (i.e. « normal »), quite
stupid too.

Actor – Juggler : Johan Swartvagher
Juggler for ten years, he met in 2004 Raymond Peyramaure, who taught
him the art of body play. Johan is now essentially working with clubs.
He tries to associate juggling with body play and dance, expecting a
result as narrative as possible.
Music: Laurent Bouquet
Laurent plays and writes for the « Foutaise » band. He also writes for
documentary movies.
Foutaise is an « organic » workshop, fourth dimension music, instant
shots sliding with the passing days.
Discography: the first Foutaise vinyl, « L\'Atelier Organique » will
be out on the early 2006
Foutaise was born from the meeting of 5 persons, in march 2003, inside
the Cie module during the creation of a show blending music and
juggling. Later, the group evolved to his actual composition where
Laurent uses many instruments, sometimes simultaneously, with Anthony
and Bertrand directing the picture part of the show.
Summer 2003: creation of the music band Foutaise with Marck Hofmeester
(drum/accordion), Christiane Hofmeester (double bass/transverse
flute), HA©lčne Motteau (violin/carillon/melodica) and Laurent Bouquet

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Tudi letošnje poletje bo Gromka del svojega programa preselila iz klubskega prostora in vzpostavila odprto koncertno prizorišče Odprto/Open, s katerim oživlja južni del AKC Metelkove ...
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