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WORLDS 01, 16_00 > 18_00

OUT OF REACH_jakub stozek_30min_POLAND_documentary
Karolina and Klaudia are trying to restore the family relationships that were destroyed by the adults a long time ago. However, putting this plan in action turns out to be much more difficult than they have imagined.

DIE NORM_giovanni truppa_20min_ITALY_fiction
He will not know the regrets and cares of his bad conscience, he won’t be asked to give up his own being, he will not be dragged into the lacerating options of sacrifice and tragedy, he will not be asked to pay the price of an alternative. He is in peace with himself.

THE DIFFICULT REFLECTION_milla nybondas/kristina laine_4min_FINLAND_animation

A girl´s ugly side follows her to a song contest.

ROCA BON: SEARCHING THE SUBLIME_karlos alastruey_30min_SPAIN_documentary
This film combines the documentary and fiction forms in order to show to the general public the figure of Roca Bon, a Catalan painter, as well as his work and thoughts about art. The transcendence of Roca Bon’s search for the concept of sublimity in nature, comes from his own view about art and the human being.

TERRITORY_wei hou_2min_CHINA/GERMANY_animation
Based on a Taoist fable, this animation tells the story of the battle for more territories between two countries, all on tiny snail horns. HUGE and TINY are not only visual but psychological effects.

THE MARRIAGE WAR_kuya manzano_4min_SPAIN_fiction
Loli and Antonio, a classic couple? He buys the bread and she stays at home. What a joy would it be if all couples could mantain for ever the happiness of the first moments of their relation.

ZOOM AUSTRIA 01, 18_00 > 20_00

A GLASS OF WATER_roland wegerer_7min_AUSTRIA_experiment
Nineteen attempts are looking for a new relationship between water and tumbler. Irritating views and rotations are showing new sculptural qualities. It’s an exploration with simple tricks about an every day seen thing.

LITTLE WORLD_marco f. zimprich_19min_AUSTRIA_fiction

Sebastian’s world revolves around old vinyls, his home and a pretty counter girl working in a vintage record store. As days go by, their worlds will never be the same again.

TILL YOU DIE_alex k. lee_25min_AUSTRIA_fiction
A woman wakes up in the street chased by a mysterious man on the notes of a classic tango. As she tries to escape, her life enters a neverending cycle of fear, seduction and resignation.

COMES LOVE_marc jago_29min_AUSTRIA_fiction
Three women, three men, 36 sleepless hours. War and peace. Melancholy and joy. ”Comes love and nothing can be done.” (Billie Holiday)

WORLDS 02, 20_00 > 22_00

MARISA_nacho vigalondo_3min_SPAIN_fiction

All women are Marisa, but Marisa is just one woman.

ALBERT’S WINTER_andreas koefoed_30min_DENMARK_documentary
Albert is 8 years old. His mother is sick and in chemotherapy. Albert would rather not talk about it.

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON_martin rath_13min_UK_fiction
Andrej receives a parcel with tape recordings made by his father, a man he never knew. Listening back to these recordings Andrej starts to question his own feelings and outstanding decisions.

AS NOTHING HAPPENED_antonio manco_10min_SPAIN/ITALY_experiment
"As Nothing Happened" draws the line that divides the desires and realities of a separation, the calm before and after a storm. It's the silence that gives meaning to the intimate song of María.

LITTLE PRAGUE MERMAID_jan chramosta_30min_CZECH REPUBLIC_fiction
Peter and Ann live together quite casual way already for few years. They would probably marry each other if a mermaid hasn´t appeared in their lives.

THE FLOWER_haik hoisington_4min_USA_animation
The Flower contrasts an utopian society that freely farms and consumes a pleasure giving flower with a society where the same flower is illegal and its consumption is prohibited. The animation is a meditation on the social and economic costs of drug prohibition. It also contrasts legal and illegal drug economies.

LIVE A BIT LONGER_david lambert_17min_BELGIUM_fiction
In the early hours of every single night, while his lover Pierre is asleep upstairs, Niko is working in his father´s bakery. All of a sudden he falls to the ground.

BALKAN FILM BAZAAR 01, 22_00 > 24_00

Short documentary about migration and freedom.

OEDIPUS_ioakim mylonas_23min_CYPRUS_fiction

A young detective is commissioned a job from an attractive woman. He has to investigate the disappearance of an infant that took place 30 years ago.

A MATTER OF CHOICE_anna dmitrieva_13min_BULGARIA_fiction
An accident occurs at a crossroad. Plamen was riding a bike when Ivan hits him with his car. After the initial shock they go to a nearby bar to have a drink and celebrate that no one was injured. It turns out that both of them are in the same life situation, their girlfriends are both pregnant. However their choices in life are different.

EPILEPTICA_matej kolmanko_6min_SLOVENIA_experiment
Short experimental video collage to the subject of human anatomy.

CAPOTE_ervis koci_8min_ALBANIA_fiction

The mother has a sudden meeting with her son, who is coming back from the war, but he is not alone.The mysterious presence of the son's companion makes the mother feel that this may by their last meeting.

BLACK_neslihan siligur_15min_TURKEY_fiction
The life had given Ahmet firstly locked doors, but then some keys. These keys could help him to get rid of his loneliness and could be the keys of his new life.

A DAY IN IONESCU’S LIFE_mihai surubaru_30min_ROMANIA_animation
Short story which presents with the specific means of animation a suite of tragi - comic events that the main character has to face. Ionescu gets unintentionally into a conflict with an aggressive and violent world that drives him to despair. When all seems lost, a miracle happens.

ASSAULT_marko crnogorski_10min_MACEDONIA_fiction
Two soldiers at night guard are attacked and call for the help in the barracks. The soldiers there ignore the call and decide to check upon them first at dawn when they find them asleep. They start to fight, the commander shoots into the air and what they hear is only an echo of the shot which also caused the night shooting.

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