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LENT TIME_david gonzalez_15min_SPAIN_fiction
Marta is still on holiday…

AORTA_daniel wawrzyniak_5min_POLAND_fiction
Aorta – big arterial root, the branches of which supply blood to all tissues.

SCISSU_tom bewilogua_27min_GERMANY_fiction
Scissu tells a chronologically split story about a lonely cop and an addicted couple.

FOR A FISTFUL OF SNOW_julien ezri_6min_SWITZERLAND_animation
A long time ago terror, loathing and power reigned over the Wild Wild North. The foolishness of the inhabitants led them to battle for anything, even…for a fistful of snow!

LAGUNA NEGRA_michael watts_24min_PERU/UK_documentary
Laguna Negra is a film that explores the core values of a subsistence farming community in Huancabamba (Peru), the way the fabric of this society has been threatened by large scale mining and the destructive outcome of imposing a capital intensive model of development on a society based on traditional values.

CECILIA_lenka zemanova/lenka ceperova_6min_CZECH REPUBLIC_animation
Cecilia is a lovely lady who loves her dog very much. She works as a checker in a supermarket, where she is facing a job stress. Especially in the time of Christmas rush.

TELEMARKETING NATION_joan manuel aragon_19min_SPAIN_fiction
“Telemarketing Nation” tells the story of Maria, an efficient, reliable employee in one of the very many
telemarketing offices in Spain. Maria has a quiet life which gets by without much excitement until one day
she receives a call.

WORLDS 04, 18_00 > 20_00

DEAD MAN’S COUGHING_krzysztof borowka_22min_POLAND_fiction
Ed, a cynical politician, comes to a village to solicit for votes and strike a dodgy deal with the mayor. Friendship with a pig and magical rites performed by mayor’s housekeeper and his daughter will change his life forever. 

COUNTRY LIFE_hossein jehani_17min_AUSTRALIA/IRAQ_documentary
Saiwan Saeedan is at the College of the Fine Arts. He needs to complete his last project to get his degree. His project is based on a documentary on the daily life of some villagers. The life of the villagers will be photographed and then painted, which will be shown in an exhibition in the same village. For him it is important to document all aspects of life in this village.

THE CAT KEEPER_fernando cortizo_14min_SPAIN_animation

Mariano´s boring life happens between his monotonous work in the soup kitchen and his empty house. The unique thing which makes Mariano excited is to feed the cats which are living in a closer alley. One day a mysterious character appears to take his cats with him attracting them with some tins of a new trademark.

EVERYDAY ROLL_paula durinova_12min_SLOVAKIA_documentary

Harmanec is a small village in the middle part of Slovakia. People use to go from the work in factory straight home. Some of them stop for the beer on their way home. How is work connected to these peoples lives? What is the importance of their work?

ON THE LINE_jon garano_12min_SPAIN_fiction
An ordinary Saturday in the South of California. Adam, a lower middle class North-American man, sees off his wife and children to carry out his weekly task.

LEER FAHRT_matis burkhardt_20min_GERMANY/CZECH REPUBLIC_fiction

An unemployed actor appears again and again in new roles as a ticket inspector in the subway. He is driven by the need to match his role model. He finally reaches his goal, but not without paying a high price. A tragicomedy about the search for a place in the society.

ZOOM AUSTRIA 02, 20_00 > 22_00

VALENCIA_michael rittmannsberger_29min_AUSTRIA_fiction
Anna can only forget her loneliness when Manuel, a young postman stuck in his everyday routine, brings her letters from her son who is living in Spain. When Manuel’s father finds out about his biggest secret, their fragile friendship may be endangered.

LUCY_christine dorner_4min_AUSTRIA_animation
Lucy is about a young woman who has troubles coping with her life and retreats to her own world. After she realizes what`s going on within herself, she tries to escape and starts fighting a battle between rationality and fear.

CATAFALAQUE_christoph rainer_12min_AUSTRIA_fiction/experiment
Two brothers locked in the darkness of the basement. The father persists an anonymous threat from the Off. Both boys try tensely to reconstruct the progression, thereby the bounds become blurred between the light and shadow, life and death.

MASKS_kawo reland_16min_AUSTRIA_fiction
Young Lena grins and bears the games which are played on her every day. One of these days she decides to change that and removes her masks.

HOLIDAY HARMONY_christine dorner_6min_AUSTRIA_fiction
What seems as a holiday harmony first is not really a holiday harmony later, or is it?

BUSINESS AS USUAL_kawo reland_22min_AUSTRIA_fiction
The owner and head of an international company manufacturing and selling cleaning products engages a mysterious nameless “cleaner” from Russia to motivate three of his worst performing employees to achieving a better sales performance.

BALKAN FILM BAZAAR 02, 22_00 > 24_00

THE GAMBLER_reard gjermani_19min_ALBANIA_fiction
Edi, a 30-year old young man has serious problems with gambling. His life, and his family in particular, has been tremendously affected by it. The latter is fed up with his swindles and regard his imprisonment as the only solution.  

WINNERS AND LOSERS_nail pelivan_2min_TURKEY_experiment
Now, there are losers and winners.

KRISTOF’S PICTURES_paula durinova_9min_SLOVENIA_documentary

Short documentary about an old painter named Krištof Zupet. He used to live in the old house, Kolizej, where he had an atelier. Now, in one room flat, he is reflecting his life periods and creations. The film confronts his relationship to the old house in Ljubljana. We are observing what he found out through his life journey. That is why a film is showing not just his paintings, but his life pictures.

MUSIC IN THE BLOOD_alexandru mavrodineanu_17min_ROMANIA_fiction
Petre is convinced that his son is very gifted, but gypsie music business is tough.

BROADCASTING_andreas andonopoulos_12min_GREECE_fiction

Can you recognize the difference between life and show?

DREAMERS_nermin hamzagic_29min_BiH_documentary
Documentary film about two young hip hopers Samir Karic and Amir Muminovic from a small village Hajvazi in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of the lyrics in one of their songs where they criticize the local Mayor, they have been attacked by Mayor's son. East West Centre and director Haris Pasovic invited them to play in his show Class Enemy after reading an article in some local newspaper about this incident. The show Class Enemy is about a disempowered group of students in one of the local high schools raging with violence. Samir and Amir go for a World Tour with the play.

FUGATA_tsvetelin yolov_10min_BULGARIA_fiction

One for ALL – ALL against one!

TIT FOR TAT_ivana lalovic_6min_SWITZERLAND_fiction

Short film from Sarajevo born director Ivana Lalovic tells a story of a young member of a neo – nazi gang who ”unfortunatelly” rescues a little black girl who starts following him.

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