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TREE WITH NAILS_fabrice couchard_20min_BELGIUM_fiction

Pierre returns to the village of his childhood, to the deep Ardennes, to understand why, twenty five years ago, he hasn't be able to push his nail in the 'Tree with nails'.

THE SCHNEIDER DISEASE_javier chillon_10min_SPAIN_documentary
The Fifties, a Soviet space shuttle crashes in West Germany. The only passenger, a cosmonaut chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the country.

THE FIRST DAY_mia degner_2min_DENMARK_documentary/experiment
Copenhagen, January the 1st 2008. Short story not about lost fingers and damaged eyes, but about some of the other things that took place on The first day.

NO WAY THROUGH_sheila menon/alexandra monro_7min_UK_fiction
Imagine if London (or Ljubljana) was controlled by military and you had to go through specific checkpoints to go to school, go to work, visit your friends or to go to the hospital.

ON SEASHORE FAR_viktoria kurakova_31min_RUSSIA_documentary
It is documentary about 2 different generations: older - children with well-to-do parents, they seem to have everything; and younger - orphans, whose parents left them off. And only at the first sight their lives seem to be different.

THE UNPLUGGED SON_milla nybondas_9min_FINLAND_animation
After years of travelling, Adrian arrives to dad’s birthday dinner, but feels like an outsider. Thanks to his present to dad he gets in contact with his family again.

8:00 AM_pablo ortega_11min_SPAIN_fiction
What would you do if your life was centered around a relationship where your partner has forgotten why you are together?


NO SLEEP WONT'T KILL YOU_marko mestrovic_9min_CROATIA_animation
What happens when the dream takes control over reality?

RUDI’S LEXICON_nedeljko dragic_8min_CROATIA_animation

Rudi is a typical „small man“, unmarried, lives in the city, enslaved by the four walls, „normal“ society frustrates him… Rudi watches TV constantly and in the same time is doing chores around the house.

DISTANCES_liliana resnick_10min_CROATIA_experiment
A woman is forced to take an unwanted step in her life. The film is mostly composed of still images emphasizing her wish to slow down the time until she is ready. This film is dedicated to all the migrants of the world.

PORTRAIT OF MY HEART_ljubica heidler_7min_CROATIA_animation
Estrangement is a global process that is largely present in both hemispheres. We are alienated from each other and from authentic feelings, but mostly from compassion for our neighbors. The more suffering in the world the less we see it, so we can speak of a stabile negative corelation. Things like"matters of the heart" belong to the past.

RUN_nevio masarovic_4min_CROATIA_animation
Can a human life be told in a few minutes? Can all the life's important moments and the important human emotions be impregnated in a short time? Anything is possible. Especially when your life turns into run.

NOTE_marko mestrovic_12min_CROATIA_animation

Three deferent stories about a relationship between father and son placed in a different social standing.

PLAKATKINO_goran trbuljak_8min_CROATIA_animation/experiment

Suddenly, in a place where many posters rotate during a year, the rotation of the images is quickened. The bill-board is starting to resemble a movie screen which tells us many stories. When the „projection“ stops and the screen is left white and empty, people passing by seem to have stories that could be more interesting than the ones on the bill-board.

SLAUGHTERED_marko djeska_5min_CROATIA_animation
Pig on the countryside gets slaughtered by two butchers. After he wakes up in his room, in his bed, he realizes that it was just a dream. On his way to work he notices the butcher from his dream on the street who then starts haunting him.

UNDER_stjepan milas_4min_CROATIA_animation
A short story of a man who, while expecting, became something unexpected.

UP IN THE GALLERY_tomislav gregl_5min_CROATIA_animation/experiment

This experimental animated film explores a world of Kafka's metaphors in which society is reduced to absurdity.

FORMAT_darko bakliza_6min_CROATIA_animation
Format deals with relationship and boundaries between man and woman through movement.

POINT OF MOUTH_midhat janovic ajan_11min_CROATIA_animation
Point of mouth is an „inner documentary“ about a man from Sarajevo, using animated drawings allowing us to see images from his life from an ultimately subjective point of view. This is a film about reminiscences of a time, about growing up in Sarajevo, about never being able to leave his hometown no matter how far he travels. In a way a film is an extension of the author's theoretical studies on realism as esthetical concept present in the art of animation.

THE LIFE BOAT_neven petricic_10min_CROATIA_animation

A metaphoric story about the life of a common, small man and his family who are all in the boat at sea, sea of life.

MOBITEL MANIA_darko vidackovic_5min_CROATIA_animation
The peak of everyday life in a young girl's life is her cell phone. A call from a boy fills her up with energy and stirs her imagination. Her hyperactivity and hypersensitivity is stopped by the mobile's empty battery. She gets the mobile charger and instead the mobile she charges herself. She gets filled with colours and energy but at the end of the process her body gets transformed into a cell phone.

WORLDS 06, 20_00 > 22_00

ENCOUNTER_nick igea_21min_SPAIN_fiction
A boy and a girl accidentally meet on the street, three years after she broke up with him.

MINE AND TABLOU 2_hossein jehani_17min_AUSTRALIA/IRAQ_documentary
Sarwaz Sawz is a sensitive artist, whose work is famous. But in order to survive he has to work in a mine land.

CHEESE_vanesa abajo perez_22min_NETHERLANDS_fiction
Sometimes love can become a reality.

+1°C_denes ruzsa_2min_HUNGARY_experiment
Scientists say that if the earth’s temperature increases by more than one degree Celsius, extreme weather conditions will be a regular occurrence.

FIVE MEMORIES_oriana alcaine/alejandra marquez_12min_MEXICO_fiction
Irma walks up and down the aisles of a market repeating a list of ingredients to herself. She can remember the first four but keeps forgetting the fifth ingredient. To retrieve the lost memory, Irma embarks on a journey to the deepest part of her consciousness.

GOOD FOR NOTHING KING_jenni rahkonen/heta bilaletdin_8min_FINLAND_animation
A tale of a detested ruler.

BANDURYST_danilo caputo_15min_ITALY_fiction

Vasyl, a 30 years old Ukrainian musician, lives in Naples. Although he came to Italy as a banduryst (the bandura is a musical instrument of the ukranian tradition) he has soon abandoned his instrument to find a real job: he now works delivering gas bottles on board of an old vespa.

THE DELICATE ART OF BLUDGEON_jean gabriel periot_4min_FRANCE_documentary

About the policemen´s sensibility.

BALKAN FILM BAZAAR 03, 22_00 > 24_00

LEFT RIGHT_stavros raptis/argyris germanidis_14min_GREECE_fiction
Two strangers who live in the neighbouring apartments spend a night together.

HEART KEEP BEATING_mia degner_22min_ROMANIA/DENMARK_documentary

Claudia and Alex are two young Romanians.  They both dream about having a family; about a completely normal life. In the documentary film ”Heart, Keep Beating” they tell about their struggle for what’s ”normal” after growing up in an orphanage and being HIV infected since childhood.

SELF - PORTRAIT 13.03.2009_melina alagic_12min_BiH_fiction
Just another excercise at the Academy of Performing Arts – is it not? The most difficult form of art is when you take yourself as the subject. What is Anela´s self – portrait like? What is your self – portrait like?

ID_miroslav jovic_8min_SERBIA_animation
The story follows up a man who wakes up without any of the senses. He does not have the eyes, ears, nose, skin. He has polluted everything around himself so much that he feels nothing any more. All at once, he gets a chance to return to the gone, but…

TOBACCO GIRL_biljana garvanlieva_29min_GERMANY_documentary
Mümine is 14 years of age and lives with her family in the tobacco farming regions in the mountains of Macedonia. It is the only source of income in this region, nothing but tobacco will grow here and people say, it is the best tobacco in the world. Natives to the region also call it the „black gold.“ Mümine is supposed to marry and be sold to her future husband. One kilogram of tobacco costs 3 Euro – a girl is worth about 3000 Euro. That’s the tradition amongst the Yörüken people. But Mümine refuses to accept.

THE NIGHT_tuna yilmaz/murat eldem_9min_TURKEY_fiction
Man and woman decide to spend the night out, but not together.

LATE HOME_maria averina_29min_BULGARIA_documentary

A film about two women who live in a home for elderly people and who, against all circumstances of hardship and loneliness, have kept in their souls the good spirit and strive for life. One of the first shopping malls in Sofia could be seen through the windows of the Home, which is situated in the former elite quarter Zone B-5 from the socialist times. In the dynamic and lustrous space of the mall hardly anyone seems to care that only few steps away some people are living the winters of their lives.        

THE LIGHTHOUSE_velislava gospodinova_5min_BULGARIA_animation

Based on the poem ”The lighthouse keeper loves birds too much” by Jacques Prevert, the movie tells a story about life´s absurdity and the game of destiny which is too cruel at times. This is a short story about the consequences of a taken decision, about love, suffering and death.

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