Wednesday, 28. January 2015

21:00 - KiborgSpužva Büking

Mudbath (FRA) – sludge/slow/loud
An open love letter to Mudbath:
May I start and finish with a quote?
“True love doesn't come to you, it has to be inside you”
- Julia Roberts
Scientists say that strong nuclear force is currently the strongest force known to man. Yes, to a man that is obviously deprived of any emotion. I am sad for them. I really am. Yes, strong nuclear force can be measured, it may be strong, but they obviously have never felt true love. You can not measure the power of love, for you can not measure infinity. You can only feel it's immortal grip. And you can't let go. You don't want to let go.
And this same force will bring Mudbath to Gromka.
Our love is intense and yet gentle like a summer breeze. Their e-mails are like a gentle flutter of a butterfly that brings more hope into my existence than that 200gb Nicole Ray torrent of which I know nothing. My heart pounds harder and harder with each passing day and awaits for 28th January, so it won't be alone in it's ever harder pounding.
The show is probably going to suck, but that won't be the only sucking that evening.
And yes, I accept your marriage proposal. For it is written in the stars that you (and only you) can mend my broken heart just by a gentle whisper of “I love you” directed at me and a love poem.
If sky's the limit, it better stand out of our way.
“True love stories never have endings”
- Richard Bach
Kripl (SLO) – art
Those who have not experienced the vile reality of trve Adelsberg Frost™ have not yet experienced what it means to be alive!

contact: space.coitus@gmail.com
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