sreda, 12. januar 2005

22:00 - Twotonebinas
JAMARAM (reggae, Nem?ija)


A band on the way to the top! Only 2 years after the foundation this young band (a spicy mix of Puerto Rican, Welsh, Andalusian, American and German boys) played over 80 gigs with an rapidly growing audience and fanbase. The frontman and singer Tom Lugo combines Reggae, Funk, Samba and Blues to an individuel Sound, the so called "Jamaram Stylee" which turns every concert to a big party. These guys spice up their live set with hot ReggaeRiddims, Percussion, Latinstyle, groovy Funk and a vibeful stageperformance...

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We don't care who you are, or what ethnic, religious or other identity status you represent, we are all red on the inside. However, if you come to Gromka and show no respect to the people (fellow visi...
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