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Kino-klub iNVISIBLE predstavlja:

[B]Laam yan sei sap (July Rhapsody)[EB]

Hong Kong 2002, 103 min, jezik: kantonscina, podnapisi: angleski

rezija: Ann Hui

igrajo: Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui, Kar Yan Lam, Eric Kot, Shaun Tam, Courtney Wu

Kratka vsebina filma (v angl.):

Lam Yiu Kwok (Jackie Cheung) is a high school teacher who seems to have the most normal life. His wife Ching (Anita Mui) is a model wife who cares for the family and his two sons lead normal teenage lives. Yet, beneath their outlook, Lam has marriage problems and a secret that can tear his family apart. On top of his problems, he finds out that one of his students, Wu Choi Nam (Karena Lam) is in love with him. Although conservative and pensive, Lam's mind soon wander back to his youth when his wife Ching was a young fellow student. Memories of her fragrant shampoo on her pony-tailed hair is soon brought back by Wu's young presence . . -s spletne strani:

O filmu (v angl.):

Ann Hui's July Rhapsody has been compared to the controversial Lolita by many viewers. But unlike Lolita, the film has a lot more to offer than just a young nympho's appeal. The film is based from a series of poetry director Ann Hui loves and it's pretty apparent throughout the film. Jackie Cheung, after a two-year break from the film industry, has given one of his best performances ever as an aged man who falls in love with a young student. This film also marked the debut of extremely-fast-rising Karena Lam in the film industry. If you have the taste for dramas, do check this one out. -s spletne strani:

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