četrtek, 17. februar 2005

22:00 - Hripav glas
Koncert VIALKA (Kanada-Francija), USAISAMONSTER (zda)

Menda ste ze slisali za bend VIALKA, ki je eden izmed bendov, ki najvec potuje po svetu? In za bend USAISAMONSTER, ki so strasili s svojo godbo na Noise festivalu 2002?

Posredujemo informacije kar v anglescini!

Holding the title of \"most well travelled unknown band in the world\".

The dynamic duo of France\'s Marylise Frecheville and Canada native Eric Boros have been bringing their gypsy punk music and lifestyle to all corners of the world for five years, originally as the rhythm section of the Swiss based performance striptease jazz-punk band NNY, and now with Vialka. They have lived in Switzerland, Slovenia, Canada, and are currently calling France their home between tours.
Vialka\'s music,based on the simplistic interaction between Marylise\'s drumming and singing and Eric\'s guitar playing, draws its influences from traditional
and modern music from around the world - played with bombastic energy and a sophisticated musical language all their own.
They have released two albums on their own \"Manufracture\" record label: \"Tonight
I Show You Fuck\" and \"Republic of the Bored and Boring\". Vialka is not just music, but a social scientific experiment, attempting to meet and communicate
with people and musicians all around the world. They have toured extensively in over thirty countries across Europe, Africa, North America and Asia, including recent tours to China and ex-Yugoslavia, and have collaborated with Italian saxophonist Jacopo Andreini, and Macedonian artist collective OPA.
Future plans include tours in North America, Europe, and Asia by land, as well as releasing a new album and DVD featuring a documentary about their Chinese tour.

- founded in early 2000 by core members Tom Hohmann and Colin Matthews
-spring 2000, 1st incarnation includes 7 people, releases self titled diy cdr, does 1 week southern usa tour, breaks up
-summer 2000, becomes 4 piece with Jeremy Harris and Adam Tabor, diy releases trippy yet wholesome cdr, weedblood cdr, and soul jerker 7\"er, does 1 week northern USA tour, breaks up
-fall 2000, becomes 3 piece with Hot Tang, diy releases cdr entitled 5, breaks up
-winter 2001, finally becomes 2 piece (which it remains), records a demo, and tours all over USA for 4 months
-Citizens of the Universe LP released by Infrasound Records Jan 2002, followed by 2 month USA and diy Europe tour
-Masonic Chronic LP released by Infrasound Jan 2003
- 3 month USA tour spring 2003
- Tasheyana Compost LP/CD released on Load Records, Citizens of the Chronic CD released on Infrasound Records, and 1 month USA tour with Lightning Bolt fall 2003
- 10 week Spring USA, Canada, UK tour with Vialka spring 2004
- NOW, USAISAMONSTER working on double album for Load Records...

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