sreda, 12. februar 2003

22:00 - Defonija
SWITTERS (Italija)

free funk / progressive / n'roll

GIANNI GEBBIA (Palermo) - altovski-, sopranino saksofon, flavta
VINCENZO VASI (Rimini/Bologna) - električen bas
FRANCESCO CUSA (Catania/Bologna) - bobni, tolkala

"Asymmetrical sounds for an asymmetrical reality ..."

"Switters is the name of the main character from the last Tom Robbins' book
Fierce Invalids back from Hot Climates: a serious premonitory book about the
actual human and political situation of the all world. Switters is a CIA
agent who's gone really out of the rules in a seriously freaky way. Inside
the conspiration world that rules most of the political tragedies and events
there are cowboys and angels. Switters is one of the angels ..."

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We don't care who you are, or what ethnic, religious or other identity status you represent, we are all red on the inside. However, if you come to Gromka and show no respect to the people (fellow visi...
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