četrtek, 10. november 2005

22:00 - Koncert

Sutrastore was founded in autumn 2000. The band consists of Kaat Arnaert, Christophe Calis, Patrick Cherchye, and later joined by Jan Delannoy and Jan Dirick. In 2001, one of their songs is featured on national radio Studio
Brussel’s â€~demopoll’ cd’s. The band is focussing mainly on producing a high quality first demo release. This release manages to get them selected for the â€~100 procent puur’ project of organisation â€~Poppunt’, a Belgian organisation supporting young bands and dj’s. Due to this, they get to
play next to famous acts on Belgium’s biggest festivals like Gentse Feesten, Hove Live, Kaapstadfestival, and more.

Start of 2003, and Poppunt releases a compilation cd with their most successful projects, of which Sutrastore was selected. One song is also recorded at the famous â€~Ancienne Belgique’ in Brussels. This time the
band starts aiming at the release of a full cd. In 2004, they first test the audience by bringing out the videoclip â€~Clouds’, which was hugely succesful
(both in getting airplay on tv stations and in the number of downloads), and as a result the song got elected â€~best trip-hop song 2004’ in Brazil by Tripofagia. In coA¶peration with the sound wizard Stef Van Alsenoy of
Ancienne Belgique, they put the finishing touches to the songs that will get featured on their album.

In 2005, the band gets to do a large number of concerts due to the release of the â€~Je m’en fish sampler cd 2005’. It was on the 5th of May that their full album was finally released worldwide, distributed by AKH records in The
Netherlands and Je m’en fish in Belgium and by Bertus distribution in all other countries. Sutrastore also got to present their cd shortly before it’s release in Ankara, Turkey. 17 September Sutrastore will open the cultural
season in Germany on the kulturnacht in Ulm.



Multi-instrumentalist, professional in mixing and mastering, a teacher in playing the guitar, and much more, Giorgo De Groof is basically the man after the project WasaÄ?a. Over the years it has changed, morphed, and
developed into the concept that it is today; From solo-project to full band to mainly solo laptop-based acts aided with soundbanks. WasaÄ?a often incorporates sounds that he records at random in the outside world, or
goes on fieldtrips to find unorthodox noises.

His music has been used in a couple of films, and he has been known to dabble in the film world himself, already ending in one short-film by his hand. His music can flow from experimental soundscapes to up-tempo electronics or even drum 'n' bass.

All his music is downloadable for free on his website

Bart Dujardin
Je m'en fish Electronica collective VZW

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